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Audio: https://youtu.be/D0i23wZ0IeE
Programs: flipaclip, KineMaster

Hey! I don’t rly know what to say except,
I got a narwhal onesie,
I heard this song
I wanted to challenge myself with forntine dances,
I regret everything.

I....guess this is a animation meme??? Idk. You can take it that way. So, I’m not saying I’m the first one to use the song, or the dances, but if you wanna make your own that’s cool. It’s like, original cause I did dances and used a different color palette and cropped the song Soooo.....I’m just gonna say this is my original I guess. It don’t matter who made it first, (why am I saying this? Because the last time I made an original people kept yelling that I’m not original. I don’t want that to happen again so that’s why-) Also I know people aren’t gonna read the description so It would help if the people that do read tell the others what I’ve said in this sentence.
Sorry for not posting a lot.

Also Michael if you’re reading this you’ve got one weird ass girlfriend.

Hey if ya ever feel like submitting fanart for me come submit them here and join the losers club👇
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